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Interview with Luke Pearson

Hildafolk, the first comic book by cartoonist and illustrator Luke Pearson, published in 2010 through the small British publisher Nowbrow Press, was a surprising success. Its protagonist, a little girl who lives very naturally in a world full of trolls, giants and other fantasy creatures, doesn’t have to go on a classic hero’s journey but rather has some accidental, very charming little adventures which appeal to readers of all ages. This debut was followed by a series of hardcover books with two volumes so far. Aside from Hilda, Pearson draws illustrations for magazines and short comics for various anthologies, and in 2011 Nobrow published Everything We Miss, a dark story about relationships, loneliness and loss.

When German publisher Reprodukt published the first Hilda album in German in spring 2013, it earned much praise from critics. In summer 2013, Luke Pearson visited some events in Germany like the Comicfestival in Munich, where we met him for an interview. Björn Wederhake (BW) and Thomas Kögel (TK) talked with Luke not only about Hilda and her world, but also about his other work, vinyl toys and his fear of „being found out“.